Saturday, August 23, 2008

Playing with our Minds & Hearts

20 August, 2008, Podgorica, Montenegro -- As a sure sign of illegitimacy and inept governing, the Montenegrin police forces gathered up and jailed all the accused from the infamous "Eagle's Flight" case that has gripped the Albanian community for the past two years.

The arrests were made in two fronts, the first coming Thur day evening and the rest on Friday morning. As the Court of Appeals waits to hear testimony from the defense, the detentions are thought to be those to fulfill the verdicts after the August 5th reading from the chief justice.

Reaction from the Albanian community in Tuz came swift, where many were cited as saying that the temporary release of the prisoners was just a facade to lessen the blow when all those detained were found guilty of acts of "terrorism."


Unknown said...

Good good good......

Anonymous said...

Good what Bitch?

Fuck you and the Montenegrin government!!!!

Anonymous said...

Its all a cat and mouse game. Let's see what is next on Milo's & Ferhat's criminal enterprise govt !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

they need to stop playing games, free kola dedvukaj!

Anonymous said...

Admit it. You guys would be defending these guys even if it was absolutely 100% certain that they are guilty.

Do you honestly believe they're innocent just because that's what they themselves claim?

You distrust the Montenegrin government so much that nothing short of an aquittal will make you happy. Even if they were found innocent, the same distrust of their political system would force you to reasonably assume that they are actually guilty.

My fellow Albanians are so incredibly obtuse and stupid. It's actually pretty pathetic.