Monday, March 10, 2008

Montenegro Beach -- FOR SALE

10 March 2008 Podgorica -- The Montenegrin Government expects to attract billions of euros from a tender to rent a famous sandy beach, local media reported Monday.

The preliminary offer for the largely state-owned Big Beach will be made public in the next several days to gauge reaction from potential investors and then the tender will follow, the country’s Economic Development Ministry said.

The anticipated foreign investment into the resort is expected to be the largest single so far in this tiny republic which seceded from Serbia in 2006.

A number of foreign investors have already showed interest for the beach in the southern town of Ulcinj, including companies from Arab countries, Russia and some multinational corporations.

Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic’s cabinet said they expect several billion euros in foreign investment, more new jobs, an increase in property prices and better facilities for tourists.

The Big Beach, being marketed as an "European Dubai", is the one of the largest beaches along the Adriatic with its 13 kilometre-long and 60-100 meter-wide shoreline, covering some 1,500 hectares.

Source / Balkan Insight


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is Montenegro "FOR SALE" literally????

Albanains are also selling their lands, especially in Ulqin, where Russian investors are paying millions of euros for property that has been historically retained by Albanian families for centuries.

This may be a phenomenon that will "push out" Albanians from Montenegro once and for all.

Why doesn't Albania jump into this buying frenzy -- at leat keep it Albanian?

This frightens me.

- Tina Kalaj

Anonymous said...

Tina, your concern is well noted. But without being a hypocrite, my uncle just sold a considerable amount of land 5 kilometers from the small beach for 8 million Euros!

Now tell me this: they are poor (were poor), and when the Russians waved all this money in CASH in front of their desperate faces ... what were they to do?

Say No because this land is ours? They saif YES and would have said YES to a lesser amount too.

This frightens me as well, but the forced expulsion of Albanians in Montenegro has taken an interesting twist, hasen't it?


Anonymous said...

This is called ethnic cleansing. This is another way of getting ride of our Albanian people. The Montenegrin government has always done this. They will never stop unless we stop them. We have to let the world know what is going on in our homeland. They must realize how Montenegro works. Only the young can start making changes. So get up off you b... and write to the organization in the world and let them know. Write to anyone who will listen. We must save whats left of our country.

Anonymous said...

Geez, you would think they are killing us by the minute. Wtf man, foreign investors are buying the land, so what?! They have the money and they plan to do something with that land, those beaches... and make some more money for themselves- something us, Albanians, didn't know how to do!

Anonymous said...

you are rite albanians got plenty of money in america they had the chance to buy up that stuff but instead they buy there kids bmws screw it money talks

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ.

It's called Capitalism, people! Montenegrin beaches are prime real estate right now, and those Albanians who own land are doing the sensible thing by selling them to rich investors. It's also naive of all of you to assume that Albanians are the only ones selling land, as most of the beachfront land is NOT Albanian-owned.

And how the hell can this be construed as "ethnic cleansing"? Because Russian investors are buying the land? Do you people honestly believe that there's some conspiracy to drive out all the Albanians from their land?

This is all manufactured outrage, and all of you are perpetuating these ridiculous accusations.