Friday, March 14, 2008

AASO: Kosova Independence Party -- SHOUT!

The Albanian American Student Organization (AASO) of Greater Detroit is throwing down tomorrow night at the Imperial House in Fraser, Michigan USA to honor the newest state in the world -- KOSOVA!

Come one, come all -- even you Serbs if you dare -- to experience a truly exhilarating performance of national pride and unity as the future of Kosova and Albanians around the globe are put on display -- your new generation of leaders.

There will be MUSIC, coupled with DANCING, as we serve shots of SINGING to the latest beats from the streets! Come and feast your eyes on what it means to be truly proud of what and who you are -- ALBANIAN!

Proceeds will go towards the GKS Scholarship Fund that is used to compensate outstanding Albanians students throughout Michigan as they continue to represent a growing class of intellectuals that has been unsurpassed at any time in our long and storied history.

GEZUAR !!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

In the wake of the tragic events in Albania today, is the AASO Party still going to go on as planned?

I would think it is inappropriate at this time, perhaps they should reschedule?

Anonymous said...

The party was cancelled. It will be rescheduled.