Monday, October 22, 2007

Troika Sets out Principles for Kosova Talks

October 22, 2007

Vienna, Austria -- The Troika of international mediators on Kosova’s status presented both parties on Monday with its first set of proposals aimed to "open a path for a solution".
Troika Assessment on Negotiations: Principal conclusions The Troika has reviewed the positions of the two parties. Without prejudice to the positions of both parties on status, the following principles can open a path to a solution:

1. Belgrade and Pristina will focus on developing the special nature of the relations existing between them especially in their historical, economic, cultural and human dimensions.
2. Belgrade and Pristina will solve future problems between them in a peaceful manner and not engage in actions or dispositions that would be regarded as threatening to the other side.
3. Kosovo will be fully integrated into regional structures, particularly those involving economic cooperation.
4. There will be no return to the pre-1999 status.
5. Belgrade will not govern Kosovo.
6. Belgrade will not re-establish a physical presence in Kosovo.
7. Belgrade and Pristina are determined to make progress towards association and eventually membership of the European Union as well as to move progressively towards Euro-Atlantic structures.
8. Pristina will implement broad measures to enhance the welfare of Kosovo-Serbs as well as other non-Albanian communities, particularly through decentralization of local government, constitutional guarantees and protection of cultural and religious heritage.
9. Belgrade and Pristina will cooperate on issues of mutual concern, including
a) Fate of missing persons and return of displaced persons
b) Protection of minorities
c) Protection of cultural heritage
d) Their European perspective and regional initiatives
e) Economic issues, including fiscal policy and energy, trade and harmonization with EU standards and development of a joint economic growth and development strategy in line with regional economic initiatives.
f) Free movement of people, goods, capital and services.
g) Banking sector
h) Infrastructure, transportation and communications
i) Environmental protection
j) Public health and social welfare
k) Fight against crime, particularly in the areas of terrorism, human-, weapons- and drug-trafficking and organised crime.
l) Cooperation between municipalities and the government of one of the two sides.
m) Education
10. Belgrade and Pristina will establish common bodies to implement cooperation.
11. Belgrade will not interfere in Pristina`s relationship with IFIs [international financial institutions].
12. Pristina will have full authority over its finances (taxation, public revenues, etc.)
13. Kosovo`s EU Stabilization and Association Process (Tracking Mechanism) will continue unhindered by Belgrade.
14. The international community will retain civilian and military presences in Kosovo after status is determined.

Source: BIRN

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