Sunday, September 09, 2007

TUZ joins Washington and DEMONSTRATES!

TUZ, Malesia e Madhe, September 9, 2007 -- An Albanian "troika" of political parties in Montenegro have finally decided to join their brethren in the diaspora and demonstrate against the repressive Montenegrin state regime.

Alternativa Shqiptare, Lidhja Demokratike and Partia Socialiste Popullore are organizing a demonstration in TUZ today at 5:00 p.m. local time (11:00 a.m. EDT).

Their appeals will be directed at the institutional apparatus in Podgorica that has inhibited their socio-political development and retarded their progress by hindering upon their efforts to win an autonomous municipality ever since they have achieved all minimum requirements as outlined by state laws and the laws in local self-government.

The demonstration will also bring attention to the detained political prisoners who are scheduled to resume trial on Tuesday 11 September. Family members of the prisoners will be in attendance and are scheduled to hold speeches on the fate of their families and the fate of the future of Albanians in Montenegro.

Albanians in the diaspora will follow with a demonstration of their own on Monday 10 September in front of the White House and the Montenegrin embassy.


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I agree, this article is misleading, it was not a traditional demonstration -- like holding signs and chanting slogans as I am sure happened in DC today.

If this was considered a demonstration then it was visa viz a drama play attended by an audience that watched a "show" and listened to a few speeches that had no real effect.

This act was a major disappointment. Just when I thought there would be a rally to support the prisoners, they locked themslelves in an room where no one could hear them and entertained only themsleves.

God-dammit!! Where the hell are their balls?!?

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I think this post should be deleted altogether, it is misleading, and so are Albanians in Montenegro.