Monday, September 10, 2007

1,200 Strong Demonstrate in Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 10, 2007 -- Marking the 1st Anniversary of the political arrests of Albanians in Montenegro, the Albanian Diaspora staged an energetic demonstration in front of the White House and Montenegrin Embassy this morning.

Approximately 1,200 demonstrators marched from the White House to the offices of Montenegro's ambassador to the U.S., Vlahovic to petition the government for the immediate release of their family members after one year of illegal detainment and torture.

Aside from the several speeches that were made, the Montenegrin flag was torn apart in frustration and denounced as a symbol that does not represent the interests of Albanians in Montenegro nor those in the Diaspora.


Anonymous said...

THis was the better of the previous demonstrations. There were more people and we had a great time. But I was disappointed that no other Albanian organizations participated. I guess it goes to show who are the REAL ones out there.

Anonymous said...

You are correct -- the NAtional Albanian American Council (NAAC), Levizja Atdheu na BAshkon, and the Albanian-American Civic League (AACL) DID NOT ATTEND!



Anonymous said...

I was at the demonstration and there was no where near 1200 people there. Let's not exagerate for the sake of the cause. I think it was closer to 400 people and the majority were from Michigan. My fellow New Yorkers were barely present.

Anonymous said...

NAAC is busy with Kosova (or they say so)! The issue of Kosova is not yet complete. The ignorance of the Serbs and Russians this issue will continue and possibly lead into another small conflict among both sides. Today's news is just the start of it. Week ago Serbs leaders threaten to move troops and today Ceku states the same if they don’t recognize Kosova partition from Serbia.

AACL does not want to get involved just yet with this situation. They have worked with Lantos and Congress & etc, sending letters to the various U.S. Departments and Montenegro government. The majority of these prisoners are innocent but some of them are not! With this believe, some of these Albanian groups hesitate to pursue the issue to the fullest extent.

I personally believe that is the reason these groups are not getting involved.

There are reports that Ivanaj is turning against all the prisoners for a lighter sentence. Who knows? Is this the strategy the Mont. Gvt is playing due to lack of real evidence on the case or is it true?

My question is in the Detroit area: Everyone knows who has escaped arrest and still wanted by Montenegro officials--Has anyone in the community questioned him about the situation?

I firmly believe the entire truth has not been told about the events that enfolded days leading to the arrest of these political prisoners. They can start by questioning a particular individual in the state of Michigan!

Anonymous said...

I was at the demonstration too; there were definately more than 400 but less than 1200 -- I'd say somewhere in between.

To the comment prior to mine -- Set aside the issues surrounding the Serbs/Russians, and ask yourself this: Why hasn't NAAC funded any activity for the political struggle of Albanians in Montenegro since the debacle in Washington some years ago? Forget the argument about Kosova, every Albanian organization has contributed to that cause and continues to do so today, and will do so until they get their independence. When you label yourself as a "National" Albanian organization, you better be prepared to handle all socio-political issues revolving around Albanians in all regions, not just the most popular one of the day, i.e., Kosova. Albanians in Montenegro are in the brink of extinction/assimilation/emigration, is not this why we demonstrated this past week? And how much more convenient can we make it for NAAC, we held the rally right in their own back yard -- all they had to do was show up, or walk by, and we would have been happy. For God's sake, are we not Albanians fighting for the same cause: improved rights and increased opportunities in our homelands??

Regarding the AACL, forget about it, if you want DioGuardi to open his mouth re Montenegro, you better be prepraed to fill his pockets.

You elude to a "someone" or "him" in Detroit with a troubling assertion. What are you referring to? Is there someone in Detroit that should be arrested and thrown to face the Montenrgin penal system? Who are you eluding to? The "entire truth" will not be determined in the Montenegrin judicial system because of the biases and corruption in the processes, the end game is to be determined in favor of the DPS, this we should all know.

But in Detroit you must understand the predicament Albanians are in. Just three weeks ago, in a parliamentary session broadcast on Montenegrin TV, a prominent Minister delivered an address to the cabinet to announce that the biggest threat to Montenegro's security is (1) Albanians from Detroit, and (2) Albanians from New York. As silly as you may think this is, it is true.

This sets a dangerous prescedent: It labels Albanians as a "threat" and with this announcement, parliament can introduce legislation and create new laws to treat "us" differently/unfairly. For example, now the state can implement their own version of the "Patriot Act" and perform illegal searches and siezures of homes and property, wire tap home lines, and profile Albanians in all aspects of daily life, especially those arriving in Podgorica airport from Detroit -- IMAGINE THAT!

zeriishqipes said...

The demonstration was a success, channel 4 had posted a story on sundays evening news and on mondays evening news. NAAC, Levizja and AACL did not attend nor participate in organizing the demonstration and that should not be a suprise to anyone. NAAC and Levizja showed no interest to where Dioguardi flat out said "NO" to participating in the demonstration. This demonstration showed that ALbanians across the US are interested in helping the Albanians in Montenegro. Albanians were there from London, Ontario, North Carolina and many other states that many would not phathom to think that Albanians even lived there. The following Respected Organizations, Shoqata Malesia e Madhe (Luk Juncaj) Albanian American National Council (Gjok Martini)Shoqata Ded Gjo Luli (Kol Cacaj) Shoqata Humanitare Malesia (Pashko Camaj)with their members all worked as a team to ensure that this demonstration was a success. Members of other organizations Plav-Gucia, Kraja and others were also in attendance to show their support which was a big plus.
To post on this blog and to say that some are innocent and some are guilty is an injustice to the very purpose of this blog. Spreading propaganda and rumors that Sokol Ivanaj might be making a plea deal in exchange for his testimony against others in prison is a strategy used by those who wish harm to the Albanian people. As for the (One Person in Michigan) who "escaped" arrest, please refrain from saying such ludacris things.
Because he is wanted by the Montenegrin authorities you want to pass judgement on him? These men in jail has endured severe punishment and have remained strong and brave Albanians. I wish this blog well and I encourage more people to post and to support the founders of this website. Best Wishes.

Anonymous said...

zerishqipes: I couldn't help but laugh out loud when you mentioned the "Albanian American National Council (Gjok Martini)."

Gjok Martini is a wobbling disaster in our community, a self-procliamed patriot that refuses to work with anyone. This makeshift organization that he glued together consists of one person: himself.

When anyone refers to the Albanian American National Council (which I just heard of two weeks ago), you are really only talking about Gjok Martini, who by the way is a mortage broker and uses his 4x4 cubicle as the "world headquarters" of his Albanian empire.

The letter that was drafted for him and delivered to the Montenegrin Embassy this past week was done under the name of his "organization" and without any consultation with other Albanians. The letter was a disaster (you can read it by clicking -- apparently they think its important enough to publish). He is hurting the cause more than helping (and many attribute to the low turnout in DC because his name was associated with the organizing committee).

This is our plague -- inept and washed-up Albanians that have no clue about contemporary politics; they are still locked up in the communist-thought era, who are themselves communists by the way.

Now I feel like crap because I spent so much time talking about this cartoon character.

Anyhow, we must not confuse incompetence with real talent.

zeriishqipes said...

Gjurashaj: I feel bad for you. Maybe if Gjurashajs would not have been so Pro-Yugoslav for the last 30 years you would have a little bit more common sense. His "Makeshift organization" was founded in 1987 and had the first ever Albanian Library in Hamtramck, his "makeshift organization" also brought Bill Clinton to roseville with David Bonior in 1999. His organization also was the organization along with Ekrem Bardha back in 1989 that held a 3 day hearing on the floor of the House of Representatives for Kosova Independence. I could go on and on. While your family and relatives were dancing, singing and participating at the yugoslav festival in Hart Plaza during the 80's, Gjok Martini, Gjelosh Kalaj, Vasel Ujkaj, Marash Dushaj and others were across the street demonstrating the very existence of Yugoslavia. As far as the memorandum goes, apparently the Albania, Kosova, Macedonia and Montenegro newspapers thought it was important enough to write about it. I would like to hear why you think the memorandum calling for Albanians rights in Montenegro was not to your liking (not like I really care though" As far as not working with anyone, he worked hand and hand with Luk Juncaj, Ruzhdi Gjokaj and others in organizing the demonstration. By you saying there was a low turnout shows the type of ignorance you possess. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I am also entitled to mine, calling him a communist is the same as calling gjurashajs albanian activists. Your a joke and unfortunately people like are allowed your right to speak your mind. And by the way, I encourage you to find old videotapes of the demonstrations against yugoslavia in downtown detroit and see how many Malesors took part in them. (If you cant find them, just ask, I'll show you"
I anticipate your reply and look forward to debating anything you may create and make up since you apparently have no idea what is really going on.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zeri: SADLY, with an emphasis to that term, your response to my comment above is dumbfounding. Your attack on my assessment, and your sympathy for Gjok Martini leads me, and perhaps other in this forum, to assert the following: (1) you yourself are among those former communist figures that have yet to come out of your shell, or the closet, (2) the energy you expend in your attack on me seems remnant of similar assaults you (and/or your kind) may have carried out against Albanians during those communist years in your Yugoslavia and continue so today, (3) stereotyping me as a “Pro-Yugoslav” is unwarranted because you do not know me, you do not know my family, and you do not know the academic-politico activities that I have engaged in that consequently led to increased attention to the conflicts in questions here, (4) By shadowing yourself with a pseudo name such as “zerishqipes” when posting comments, it has given you a safe-haven to put on an attack, a cowardly act to say the least, and (5) you are so out-of-touch with mainstream politics and locked-up in ideologies of the past that it has blinded and prevented you from seeing the light at the end of Hamtramck. But in all fairness I think you deserve a proper response to your inconsistent allegations:

YOU SAID: “Maybe if Gjurashajs would not have been so Pro-Yugoslav for the last 30 years you would have a little bit more common sense.”

Don’t throw out slander remarks like this without disseminating the facts. You sound like a typical Albanian stereotyping people on the basis of a surname, religion, gender, or tribe they come from. If you want to label Gjurashaj’s as anything, then start with me, because it is my commentary that you are slamming, however because you do not know me you are throwing rocks at a wall, thus reserve your libel for a future meeting, I am sure we will cross paths.

YOU SAID: “His "Makeshift organization" was founded in 1987 and had the first ever Albanian Library in Hamtramck, his "makeshift organization" also brought Bill Clinton to Roseville with David Bonior in 1999. His organization also was the organization along with Ekrem Bardha back in 1989 that held a 3 day hearing on the floor of the House of Representatives for Kosova Independence. I could go on and on.”

No, please do not go on and on, you’ve said enough – You seem to be well-informed of this make-shift organization by spitting out so many facts and figures as if you were Gjok Martini himself (hmm, I wonder). The “first ever Albanian library in Hamtramck” is nothing to boast about my friend, I have one in my home that probably makes his look pale in comparison. I do not consider coloring books sufficient for a library, but then again it just might keep Gjoka busy during those long and lonely nights. But seriously, although it may have been the first (in Pole-town), however by citing that it was in Hamtramck does not say much. And what was his collection like? I don’t think any academic will be making arrangement to reserve books from him, unless you are writing a book about fascism, communism, Nazism, espionage, or homophobia in Eastern Europe.

Let me make this clear to you: Former president Bill Clinton’s pre-planned meetings in Detroit and Roseville on April 16, 1999 was not arranged by Gjok Martini; if you believe that, then I should stop wasting my time with you. Clinton was scheduled to arrive in Detroit for a Democratic Party fundraiser (which I attended personally and paid $1,000 for my plate) and then continued to the Roseville Community Center where he spoke to hundreds of AMERICANS involved in the Kosova Relief operations (I was inside there as well). Again, he was already scheduled to arrive in Detroit that day and Gjoka had nothing to do with it.

The 1989 hearing with Ekremi that you mention was just that – a hearing that Ekremi scheduled with his strong contacts; are you suggesting that Gjoka has the pull to bring congressmen together to hear such testimony? And please, for the sake of strengthening your argument here, do “go on and on…” because I am still unconvinced that this man has or is doing anything constructive (well, I take that back, perhaps he can help me re-finance).

YOU SAID: “While your family and relatives were dancing, singing and participating at the yugoslav festival in Hart Plaza during the 80's, Gjok Martini, Gjelosh Kalaj, Vasel Ujkaj, Marash Dushaj and others were across the street demonstrating the very existence of Yugoslavia.”

Contrary to what you may think here, my family and I never lived or navigated through Gjok Martini’s Hamtramck ‘hood; in fact these characters you list above are those that probably made some noise in their hay-day but never put any real substance to their cause – i.e., what are the outputs of their “struggle”? Where is the literature? What legislation was passed with their (in)activities? What books, articles, newspaper clippings can I read that portray them as propagating for “the very existence of Yugoslavia?” But to use your own words, you are right here – they were demonstrating for Yugoslavia to exist, because as soon as the SFRY collapsed, so did they.

YOU SAID: “As far as the memorandum goes, apparently the Albania, Kosova, Macedonia and Montenegro newspapers thought it was important enough to write about it. I would like to hear why you think the memorandum calling for Albanians rights in Montenegro was not to your liking (not like I really care though" As far as not working with anyone, he worked hand and hand with Luk Juncaj, Ruzhdi Gjokaj and others in organizing the demonstration.”

Don’t confuse yourself, these entities you mention DID NO SUCH THING as to recognize that memo; Vjesti and others mocked its contents (as you may have guessed), and it contained absolutely nothing more than what has already been brought forward by other Albanian organizations. He attached himself to Shoqata Malesia e Madhe and used this organization as a channel to broadcast himself (do you actually think he can organize anyone under his make-shift organization?). Gjoka does not work with others, and anyone that knows him knows this as a fact. He brings no real substance to the negotiating table and is ill-equipped with the legality and contemporary political transformations that are undertaking in modern Europe.

YOU SAID: “By you saying there was a low turnout shows the type of ignorance you possess.”

How am I ignorant by commenting that there was a low turnout at the demonstration? Are you mad? Its not ignorance that I possess, it is reality my fellow (ignorant) compatriot. There has never been a more advertised rally in the history of the Malesia Diaspora than we had here – two Albanian TV stations broadcast it across the entire United States, including paper media and electronic mail (something we did not have during your glory-days). And what did we get? 600-800 Albanians. PATHETIC! This was not proportional representation, and it is not me making this assertion, but I have heard over and over that people such as you (or Gjoka, whichever you may be today) had a lot to do with the disenfranchisement of Albanians.

I’ve wasted enough time with you, COA!

zeriishqipes said...

LOL too funny, ur such a tool (and no this is not gjoka. You are correct, I do not know you personally and nor do I care too. However, I highly doubt that you know Gjoka. Even though you seem to be very hard headed let me try and help you out a little bit. You are very correct, Bill Clinton's arrival to Dearborn was pre-arranged as a Democratic Fundraiser. I did not mention anything about Dearborn, (I said Roseville) lol too bad you spent $1,000. Let me know next time you want to meet someone, I'll take you for free. However, you must not of been at the old 12 mile church when Ed Bruley (Bonior's former Aide) came to the church to discuss that Bill Clinton agreed to meet with Albanians in Roseville. (and unless you are Lindon Gjelaj and his wife, Ekrem Bardha and his wife and 2 others whom I do not remember there names then you did not meet with Clinton in Roseville. But congratulations that you saw his speech. Gjoka's Albanian American National Council library perhaps is not good enough for you however it was good enough for Adem Demaci, Former PM Bakalli, Carl Marlinga, Sen Reigle, Levin Brothers, David Bonior as well as many others. You complain that I stereotype you however sterotyping him as a communist is not fair for you do not know him nor his family. You do have a lot of nerve criticizing Albanians who were fighting for the cause when you and your friends were still yelling "Druzo Tito". I am open to debate anything that your heart desires. Whenever you wish to view publications, articles, newsletters that you are wondering exist please let me know and I will show you plenty. (Just ask nicely please) As far as you saying "we will cross paths" I hope we do. Unlike you I like to have open democratic debates. You seem to get so flustered. By the way...since your so into the Albanian scene...who are you???lol

Best Wishes,

Agron Martini

BTW...since you think no one read the memo you can go to the,,,, and of course vijesti is going to insult.

zeriishqipes said...

btw...hi victor.

Anonymous said...

I think you two should cool it; this post should entail some constructive comments re the rally, not atacks on one another. If you combine both of your comments into one Memo then we may really have something constructive here.

I carefully read the Memo in question ( and Vjesti's response to it. In short, I will say this, Vjesti did respond very negatively to the contents of the Memo, basically arguing that it contained language that was at very best lost touch with what the real message should be and took the opportunity to "make fun" of our situation (I included the article below).

I know from first hand account that Vjesti called NAAC to comment on it, but Avni disregarded it immediately as unrepresentative of the Albanians that he is assocaited with, and they do have a wide audience.

I also understand that Malesia e Madhe (the organization) sent out their own press release that had a much different tone to it. It was much more direct with clearer demands. And this is ecactly the problem that I have with the Memo you two are arguing about, it was not clear on what Albanians really demand in montenegro, and also it contained too much of the historical. I do not disagree with parts of it, but it needs to state the obvious, the current, and the correct political and legal terminology that is crucial for today's appeasement.

These are just my thoughts and you guys settle what you need, but tone it down a bit please.



Protest ispred Bijele kuće
Podgorica - Albansko-američki nacionalni savjet, do sada nepoznata albanska asocijacija u Sjedinjenim Američkim Državama, organizovala je juče protest ispred Bijele kuće u Vašingtonu protiv "diskriminacije, nepoštovanja ljudskih i manjinskih prava, torture, nacionalne i vjerske mržnje segregacije, ksenofobije, tihe asimilacije...", Albanaca u Crnoj Gori.

Na skupu je usvojen Memorandum u kojem, između ostalog, stoji da Albanci u Crnoj Gori dižu svoj glas i da hoće da ustraju "protiv vjekovne nepravde koju vlasti u Crnoj Gori sprovode nad nama Albancima u Crnoj Gori".
"U nemoći da kroz institucije sistema ostvarimo svoja prava prinuđeni smo da mirnim protestima ukažemo i informišemo cjelokupnu međunarodnu javnost da je u državi Crnoj Gori na djelu nepoštovanje elementarnih ljudskih prava i skriveno etničko čišćenje, upereno protiv albanskog naroda koji je u manjini", piše u veoma opširnom Memorandumu u kojem se još naglašava da je na djelu "državni teror uperen protiv Albanaca u Crnoj Gori" i da violentno ponašanje vlasti "najbolje objašnjava činjenica da u državnim organima ima i članova bivših zločinačkih jedinica koje su dejstvovale kao dobrovoljci u napadu na Dubrovnik, BiH i Kosovo".
Iz najpoznatije albanske organizacije u SAD - Nacionalnog albansko-američkog savjet(NAAC), koja je prepoznata po tolerantnoj politici, "Vijestima" je juče rečeno da ne znaju ništa o AANC-u, osim da je ta organizacija aktivna odnedavno.
Memorandum, ispod kojeg stoji potpis direktora AANC Đoka Martinija, dostavljen je ambasadi Crne Gore u Vašingtonu, a najavljeno je da će biti dostavljen svim važnijim međunarodnim organizacijama i državama svijeta.
Ambasador Crne Gore u Vašingtonu Miodrag Vlahović ocijenio je da je riječ o radikalnoj retorici koja nema utemeljenje u istorijskim osnovama i aktuelnim odnosima u Crnoj Gori.
"Ovo je bespotrebno radikalno istupanje. U Crnoj Gori su napravljeni značajni iskoraci kada su u pitanju međunacionalni i međuvjerski odnosi, što je potvrđeno od relevantnih međunarodnih i albanskih organizacija", kazao je Vlahović "Vijestima".
Vlahović je juče trebalo da primi članove familija Albanaca iz SAD uhapšenih u akciji "Orlov let" i da ih informiše o toku suđenja, kao i o tome da je završena istraga o prekomjernoj upotrebi sile prilikom hapšenja. Oni se iz nepoznatog razloga u zakazanom terminu nijesu pojavili u ambasadi, kojoj je kasnije iz kabineta kongresmena Sandera Levina, koji je bio organizator susreta, stigla zahvalnost za otvorenost za saradnju.

zeriishqipes said...

Mark, I agree with with you about what the posts on this blog should be. I think this blog is great for our community. If you look at my original posting I did not offend anyone nor did I want to start an argument.

Best Wishes

zeriishqipes said...

ok no more debating on the forum..gtg...its been a pleasure...any questions or comments nik i'm not hard to locate...everyone have a blessed day and a safe weekend

Anonymous said...

I have to jump into this debate, I just feel obligated.

I know Nik to be quite compassionate about these issues but to come out of his elemnt, as he has done here is quite surprising. I think its actually admirable to stir up the juices.

Anyhow, without calling people communists, pro-yugos, etc., I think we have tumbled upon a situtaion that resulted from a bad turning at the demonstartion. My uncle (who attended the protest) sarcastically noted that the protest was dismal, not many people showed up. When I asked why that was so, he pointed to the leadership and those that organized the event.

After I continued to poke at him to explain, he started naming people, primarily from Detroit, that basically acted "unilaterally" (I love using this word) and did things on their own.

Although I will not mention who they are, because its not important, I can understand why Nik is pissed, and why Agron is pissed (besides that he is related to this Gjoka guy), but really no real harm was done here.

The demosntration still took place, there were more people than last time, and it caught the attention of the media (whomever they may be).

What I don't understand is why there are so many divisions in this. I mean, why not speak with one voice? Why not collectively write memos or press releases or whatevcer and send it as a group instead of individuals? The collective whole is greater than its constitutent parts, at least that's what we are taught.

Just thoughts

Hey Nik, now that you finally posted something and are around, can you please return my book that you borrowed last semester, I need it for a paper that I'm writing for Morrow's class?

Bye everybody!

Anonymous said...

Tina, I tried calling you on campus but you never returned my call.

I have your book, although I highlighted the heck out of it. But that's a good thing, just read my highlights and you will undertsand the whole text.

By the way, thanks a lot for your (politcal) input on my post, I usually don't have time to respond to morons like him but he needs a refresher on what is really goin' on.

Please tell Mark to quit with his serbian shit, I know if I email him he will tell me its in our best interest to expand our multi-linguistic horizons. Don't laugh, that's what he really says.

See you in class.

Anonymous said...

Nik, I know you read Mancur Olson's "Logic of Collection Action," I bet if you used his argument in the scenario you argue (in your posts) you can create a superb argument as to why Albanians do not participate in demonstartions as they should.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you get off your lazy azzzz and write it yourself?!? Wait, I know why ... you are probably doing a paper on the subject and want some free ideas to come your way so you can get started on a thesis. Tell me I'm right?

Anonymous said...

Haha, funny you say that, but definately not true, I do my own work.

Btw, what do you have against Hamtramack, my sister lives there and it's actually a cute little city with up-and-coming cafes and restaurants (its like a little Ferndale). Do you compare every place to your beloved Ann Arbor?

Anonymous said...

It's too early for this but the coffee is good, so here I go:

The Albanian Diaspora in the United States with respect to Montenegro is a disaster!


There is absolutely no need to have more than ONE non-governmental organziation (NGO) in America when dealing with the 35-45K Albanians in Montenegro.

Once upon a time there was NAAC, but they were slow/hesitant to act, were not pro-active and so the Albanians in Detroit (where the bulk of Malesor live) thought they were not addressing the needs of Malesaia, Ulqini, etc. and too preoccupied with Kosova, so they thought it would be appropriate to concentrate their efforts more by creating "Shoqata Malesia e Madhe." Their webpage proves they have filled the void that NAAC left.

Then a few personalities decided to create "Atdheu na Bashkon"
(Homeland Unites Us) -- which by the way is an ironic title given that that creatinbg yet another NGO for the fate of Albanians in Montenegro, is NOT uniting but dividing!

Their objectives are still the damn same, but instead of pooling their efforts under one umbrella, they decided to divide, give themselves their own titles, and say they do things better because they are smarter. Oh yeah, this is all true.

And when the "diaspora" decides to assemble and protest the abuses of Albanians in Montenegro, which by the way all the NGOs agree exist, none of the others show up to UNITE but instead divide, alas the irony in Atdheu na Bashkon.

I need more coffee ..

Anonymous said...

Coffee? How about a real drink, scotch on the rocks perhaps? You need a stiffer poison when dealing with this shit.

You could write a book on how Albanians have trampled over one another to get their personal interests elevated over everyone else's, primarily other fellow Albanians.

Simon, I could not agree with your comment more; there was absolutly no need to estab. a new Albanian-American organization for Albanians in Montenegro. And whoever argues that "Atdheu" has better equipped minds, and are more qualified to attack the issues, simply has no clue what they are talking about.

Albanians in Detroit have that intellectual base, just take a look at all the literature that has been circulated re Albanians in Montenegro, a significant majority come from those in Detroit. And I am not talking about flimsy reports here and there, I mean real analysis.

The truth is, and Simon touched upon it above, everyone likes to be at the leader position, and no one likes to take a back-seat, or the passenger seat, suffice to say that no one likes to work TOGETHER for the COMMON good (and Tina, this somewhat touches upon your assumption re Olson, am I right?).

This is how we fail, too many "Type-A" personalities and not enough team players. I learned that individualism in America only gets you so far, but team efforts, hence common interests pushed forward by groups/organizations, are better served for the desired result.

Scotch on the rocks please ... make that a double!

Anonymous said...

Seems that a few people can not refrain from personal attacks. You may or may not be correct! I could careless who organized the demo, my purpose was not for any organization but support for my fellow Albanians and 2 of my cousins that are in jail.

That is such a lame @ss excuse for not attending the demonstration (i.e. some person you dont like ogranize the demo, pro-yugo, commi & etc).

Also, I do agree that there are too many organizations. Too many generals and type A. lol! But, that does not prevent me from attending a demonstration.