Friday, April 27, 2012

Re-Election Reception for Congressman Sandy Levin

  Sandy Levin
 Invites you to join with
Donika Bardha
Ekrem Bardha
Gjelosh Camaj
Joseph Dedvukaj
Toma Duhanaj
Lek Gjokaj
Prek Gjokaj
Tony Ivanaj

Frano Ivezaj
 Gjergj Ivezaj
Malota Ivezaj
Viktor Ivezaj

Luk Juncaj
Tony Juncaj
Paloka Lulgjuraj
Rocky Lulgjuraj
Marash Nuculaj
Paul Shkreli

Sunday, May 6th
2:30 p.m.
 At Saint Paul’s Albanian Catholic Church
Banquet Facility
525 Auburn Road
Rochester Hills
 For a reception benefitting Congressman Levin’s re-election.
 Hosts: $1,000
General: $50 
Please RSVP to Kelly Tebay at 586-576-1636 or


Anonymous said...

I can't believe this guy is running for another term.

Alban said...

What else is he going to do? I mean think of it, best health insurance on earth (better than Obama-care); tons of Super PAC money; access to all the big-wigs on the Hill; holds a very safe seat that doesn't require a lot of money and campaigning to get re-elected; and most important -- free cevapa's whenever he comes to Albanian functions.

Anonymous said...

Djali babs said...

Him and his brother, in the Senate, are permanent socialist fixture.
It’s a shame that these same people who, themselves or their parents, have escaped communism/socialism are here in the US supporting the same. That’s a long list of wan-be's. Oh temjert na kush na pri.