Friday, December 16, 2011

Law Diminishes Freedoms of Expression/Speech in Montenegro

The Committee on Constitutional and Legislative Assembly of Montenegro recently endorsed a bill outlining violations of the public order, arguing along the way the conditions for the functioning of public order.

Besides violations such as selling and buying of human organs and using firearms and explosive materials, the new bill also makes it a violation to display flags, emblems and symbols of another state without obtaining prior permission.

The CDM reported that the proposed new law on public order and safety was voted in favor by the majority of committee members, where the overwhelming numbers are Montenegrin. Simply stated, the law provides that if a citizen, "in a public place without permission uses a flag, emblem or symbol of another state, he shall be punished by a fine of €200 to €1,000, or imprisonment up to 60 days.”


Albin said...

You know ... if this law was proposed in any of the 193 countries in the world today, people would be walking the streets holding their national flags in protest!

What are Albanians doing? Reading about this while sipping their coffees in cafes.

Anonymous said...

Deputetë shqiptarë në Parlamentin e Malit të Zi, Genci Nimanbegu, Mehmet Bardhi dhe Vasel Sinishtaj, kanë reaguar ashpër të enjten kundër Dratfligjit mbi rendin dhe qetësinë edhe kanë dorëzuar amendamentin me qëllim të ruajtjes së të drejtës së përdorimit të lirë të flamurit kombëtar shqiptar në Mal të Zi, shkruan KosovaLive.

Mark said...

This is how it all started in Serbia; and you know how that ended.

Anonymous said...

Vaseli e Bardhi te hajn mutin. Kan krye keta gomar te Podgorices.

Simoni said...

I agree w/the blogger above, citizens should react to this with staged protests as per democratic principles. This bogus law is a slap in the face and geared to further quash any development of the minority people. First the flag, will be followed by language restrictions, followed by playing national folklore music, followed by festivals, followed by religious holidays. I think you get my point.

Malesoret, where are you!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's ok. Albanians in MZ don't use the Albanian flag for anything. Malesore prefer to wave the MZ flag everywhere they go.

Anonymous said...

88% of the Albanian population voted in favor of the Montenegrin independence. Now, they created a state that takes away their natural rights!!! This has a lot of logic! They deserve everything what they r getting from those Slavs!

Anonymous said...

Ne Malesi ne shqiptaret, ose duhet me u asimilua ose me i leshua trojet tone etnike. Ska tjeter, kjo eshte shume e qart. Gjyshi, bab-gjyshi e te gjith tjeret para tyre, kishin me be dicka per ket shovenizem malazez! Nese Malesoret, bashk me mua, nuk bejm dicka agresivishte per ket rast, ateher une Guri, dua me kerkua nje primit nga Podgorica, me kerkua qe me i transferua vorret e te parve te mi prej Malesiet ne Shqipni. Ateher, me duhet edhe nje leje tjeter, nje amedment per vehten qe me a crregjistrue emrin tem nga kjo Malesi, dhe me u shpegual me vorret e te parve... e me shkua ne Shqipri. Nuk di nese malazezet kan me e aprovue keto dy leje/amedmente!

Anonymous said...

Guri, pajtohem me ty.

I can assure with confidence that Albanians in MZ will not and cannot do anything (short of a revolution) to change the political and territorial scene in Malesia, Ulqin and elsewhere.

The U.S. Diaspora needs to step up and act with vengence! The Albanians in NY, especially those members of Ded Gjo' Luli and Fondi need to get off their tired asses, unify and act in a collective front. Put aside your differences and select a capable and qualfied intelligensia to lead the initiative to save/free Malesia!

Same thing in Detroit; where are the intelligensia? And I'm not talking about the money-givers or those that play lip-service all the time; I mean where are the professionals that know how to represent, defend, analyze and report on MAlesia???

Message for all you old timers (and you know who you are: painters, restaurant owners, used-car salesmen, real-estate agents) - you are an important ingredient in thsi struggle, but know your place - donate to the cause and be ready if you are needed to assemble - HOWEVER, you must suppoirt a selection of a qualified few that have dedicated their professionalism to advancing Malesia's cause, i.e., you must select and support those that will adequately lead the discussions to save Malesia.

Anonymous said...

Anton Lulgjuraj djal i ri, zoti t'ruejt me krejt Malesi.
Vec ni gja ti ke" gabua", "politikant tane" i ke tragzua.
Si zotni kane jetue, ska cu ban kush kane mendue.