Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Official Census: Albanian population drops to 4.91% in Montenegro

According to census results released today by the Institute of Statistics (Monstat) in Montenegro, 44.98 % of the population reportedly identify themselves as Montenegrins while 28.73% claim to be Serbs. Bosnians make up 8.65% while Albanians drop to a meager 4.91% and Muslims 3.31%. The rest of the population was divided by Croats representing 0.97&, Roma 1.01%, while 4.87% of the population did not want to make a statement in regard to their national or ethnic origin. 72.07% consider themselves Orthodox, 19.11% Muslim, and 3.44% Catholic.

According to the results, Albanian populations decreased in all territories they form a majority (or once did). Bosniaks, for example, are the overwhelming majority in Rozaje now (83.91%), while Albanians form a 70.66% majority in Ulqin. These figures a troubling considering that in the 2003 census Albanians represented 72.14% in Ulqin. In all, there are 30,439 Albanians living in Montenegro today. Additionally, only 5.27% of the population speaks Albanian.

Potential biases with methods used to generate these figures will certainly be investigated upon. Distinguishing between Albanians, Bosniaks and Muslims has previously been a contentious issue and accusations of dividing these groups to maintain control over their influence will continue to be a point of interest to the minority parties.

It will be interesting to see whether the Albanians in Ulqin, Malësi and other regions protest these methods and appeal the results.

Official Results:

Montenegrins (278,865) 44.98%
Serbs (178,110) 28.73%
Bosniaks (53,605) 8.65%
Albanians (30,439) 4.91&
Muslims by nationality (20,537) 3.31%
Roma (6,251) 1.01%


Anonymous said...

Wow, just what I feared; Albanians becoming extinct in their owmn homeland.

Anonymous said...

Diaspora needs to find someone who specializes in demography and population census, and have a deep skilled look at this dreadful phenomenon!

Safir said...

Where are the Albanian political parties in Malesia ??????

Why do they not APPEAL these results?

Are they afraid of losing their monthly pensions/salaries?

Shame on Almiri, Vaseli, Bardhi, et al.

Katrina said...

Well that someone has to come from a paid firm because there are no Albanians (as far as I know) that specialize in population studies.

We don't need some wise-ass that thinks s/he is smart and tries to analyze some data without any real knowledge.

Are there not any Albanian political party staffers that can review these figures and provide insight on the truth behind these figures?

Perhaps the better question is, does anyone care? If not, then excuse my inquiry.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the majority Malesors in NY and MI relocate back to Malesia. Only then will the numbers change!

Predictable the Serb population numbers grow while the Albanian numbers decline.

I hope my fathers generation decide to go back home & change the demographics (relocate, retire & etc). Its up to our generation to work in the U.S. toward changing policy for Albanians in Mont.

Where is motherland support from Albania? Most likely Berisha is in bed with Milo while Ferhati looks on.

Anonymous said...

Montenegro wants primitive people to lead Albanians in Montenegro. Thais is the true reason why Albanians in Montenegro are so far behind with their civic and political status. Montenegro officials want uneducated individuals that have no vision or political understanding to represent Albanians in Montenegro. These Albanian leaders have a fuggy and perplexed thinking, therefore, this needs to change-only competent people need to make important decisions for the future of Albanians in Montenegro, not some goofy primitive individuals that their decision are unproductive and backward to our cause. We are witnessing their results and their uneducated judgment is beating every day our people in Malesia, Ulqin Plav and Guci. If we continue to support, or elect these incompetent people, then within a few decades Albanians in Montenegro will vanish from their ancestral land. Is this what you want?

Anonymous said...

This is an easy formula. Learn from other nations. Throughout the world, minorities or majorities have won their political rights in the nations that were led by the will-educated leaders. For example, South Africa, N. Mandela; India, M. Gandhi; USA M.L King; Kosova, I. Rugova. All these leaders were intellectually at or above their opponents’ intellectual capacities.

Anonymous said...

Gjrgj Fishta
The Highland Lute, pg 184.
“…..without the reason, without the judgment, daily snatched their land and livestock, set on them with guns and cannons, never let them glimpse the sunlight, kept them in eternal sorrow, drenched in blood all of the country! Yes, the SHKJAS are much like vampires, distance or close they sit, yes, hurling weights at the Albanians, never letting them develop. ………we have always marked our border, hands outstretched and pledged swearing, so we know where is Albania, where is Serbia, Montenegro. But the SHKJAS then move their landmarks…..”

Anonymous said...

Ky numer i shqiptarve ne Mal te Zi eshte nje katastrofe demografike per ne. Populsija shqiptare ne Mal te Zi nuk ka emigrua ne dekaten e fundit. Ateher, si eshte e mundur numri i populsis shqiptare me u zvoglua!? A eshte ky manipulim i pushtetit malazez!? Per fat te keq, si gjithmon partiti politike shqiptare jan ne gjum. Gjithcka diskriminues dhe jo-ligjore qe vjen nga pushti, ata ja bejn- AMIN! Shpresa me e madhe per ne eshte gjenerata e re… nese i presim ne mbi 50 vjet ket gjenerat. Kjo gjenerata e re po edukohet neper universitetet shqiptare dhe evropjane, dhe se do ti kuptojn me mire krijimtarin manipuluese malazeze. Ndersa ne, pa tyrp, po e prenojm keto diskriminime politke para sysh son!

Anonymous said...

Charles Darwin is known for his famous scientific work “natural selection.” If he would be alive, he would call the 2011 Albanian population census in Montenegro “the unnatural selection.”
Also, after analyzing the data and seeing the Albanian population trend in decrease, he would say: "We will now discuss in a little more detail the Struggle for Existence."

Anonymous said...

Its been a couple of weeks sine the illegal census, yet Albanians in Mont have not spoken up on the illicit processes undertaken to produce such underrepresentative figures.

God Bless Diaspora, but God Help Atdheu!