Friday, November 19, 2010

Overwhelming Support for "Greater Albania" Grows Among Albanians

(AKI) – An an overwhelming majority of Kosovo Albanians - 81 percent - favour unification with neighbouring Albania, according to an international survey published on Thursday.

A total of 48.8 per cent of Albanians in Kosovo and 41.8 in Macedonia believe unification could take place soon.

In Albania, support for unification has fallen to 62.8 pe cent from 68 percent last year.

The survey findings came less than three years after Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority declared independence from Serbia.

The survey, conducted by Gallup Balkan Monitor, also showed that 51.9 percent of ethnic Albanians in Macedonia favoured unification within a so-called “Greater Albania” that would also contain Kosovo and Albania.

Ethnic Albanians make 25 percent of Macedonia’s two million population and enjoy considerable autonomy in the western part of the country, bordering Albania.

Kosovo's approximately two million Albanians make up 90 percent of the population, which comprises just 100,000 remaining Serbs.

Majority Albanians declared independence in February 2008, with the support of western powers, on the condition that Kosovo can’t form a union with any other country.

Serbia opposes Kosovo independence and 71.2 percent of Serbs would rather forsake European Union membership than renounce Kosovo, according to the survey.


The majorities of the ethnic Albanians living in Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia in favor of forming a "Greater Albania," a poll shows.

80% of the Albanians in Kosovo, 62% of those in Albania, and 51% of the Albanian minority in Macedonia back the idea for forming a Greater Albania, according to a poll of Gallup carried out in cooperation with the European Fund for the Balkans, cited by Macedonian TV Kanal 5.

An alliance between Albania and Kosovo has smaller support – 33.7% in Albania and 29.2% in Kosovo, according to the report of the Serbian media B92.

According to Albanian nationalists, a hypothetical "Greater Albania" would feature the entire territories of Albania and Kosovo, about half of Macedonia, and parts of Southern Serbia, Montenegro and Greece.

Fears that a scenario for creating a Greater Albania were on the way emerged after the Kosovo War in 1999 and the subsequent insurgency in Macedonia, which was settled through a constitutional compromise, the Ohrid Accord, in 2001.


Anonymous said...

Ishalla !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The European politicians need to correct the injustice that was done by their grandparents, when they decided to slaughter the Albanian lands and give it to its neighboring countries. Many countries in Europe don’t oppose this idea, as long as Albania unites its rightful land claims peacefully! It will happen soon!

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Gure kaj gur behet muri....pjese kaj pjes behet shqinia Natyrale.

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Its just a matter of when.

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The Albanians need to recognize they are not the ancestors of the ancient Illyrians, have contibuted nothing to society and are only being used by the middle east to further Islam in america. The Albanians need to convert back to Christianity and they will get a long with their neighbors again, end the hostilities albanians it is you guys who stir the pot.

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Albanians are a pagan people. They not christian they not muslem. Yes we are autochtonous of the Balkans. We are the pelasgs, we are the illyrians, we created the Hellenic world. Time to pay your dept.

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time for you albanias to come back to orthodox christianity before turkish raped your mother and sisters and made men, boys, girls convert to islam...only then the balkans will be a force