Thursday, September 23, 2010

President of Albania, Bamir Topi celebrates his first visit to Michigan with Albanian Community

HARPER WOODS, MICHIGAN, September 22, 2010 -- The President of the Republic of Albania, Bamir Topi and his wife Teuta, visited the Albanian-American Community of Michigan today making two historic stops at the Albanian Islamic Center and St. Paul's Albanian Catholic Church.

President Topi and his wife were accompanied by the Ambassador of Albania, Deputy Speaker of Kosova's Parliament, and the General Consul of Albania in the U.S. 

The president's first stop was at the Albanian Islamic Center of Harper Woods, where he was received by the Center's Imam, Shuaip Gerguri.  Topi thanked the attendees for their support of Albania's domestic and foreign initiatives along with the hospitality they expressed.  There was a brief question and answer session that followed.   

The President then visited St. Paul's Albanian Catholic Church and Community Center in Rochester Hills, where he respectfully honored two of Albania's most notable figures, Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu and Mother Teresa.

As the crowd chanted the president's name, Topi expressed his gratitude by walking over to the crowd and shaking hands while thanking them for their warm welcome.

St. Paul's congressional leader, Father Anton Kqira escorted the president into the center's library for coffee and a short discussion.  Father Anton presented the president with a gift and thanked him for his generous visit to our community.

Thereafter, the president was honored in the banquet hall of St. Paul's where guests of honor accompanied him to the stage.  Those seated beside the president and his wife included Congressman Gary Peters, Mayor of Rochester Hills Brian Barnett, Ambassador of Albania Aleksander Sallabanda, Honorable Consul of Albania Ekrem Bardha, and Deputy Speaker of Kosova's Parliament Naim Maloku.

The Masters of ceremonies were Viktor Ivezaj and Nevruz Nazarko.

The ceremony commenced before a capacity crown of approximately 700 guests, including visitors from as far as Toronto, New York and Illinois.  Numerous media outlets were also present to record this historic visit.

The honored guests gave a brief statement related to the president's visit and shared their gratitude and delight with the opportunity to showcase their state and venue to Albania's head of state.  Both Congressman Peters and Mayor Barnett thanked the president for his support of the United States and remarked that the U.S. Congress and the City of Rochester Hills will remain strong advocates for Albania's development and proliferation alongside western Europe.

The president acknowledged those present and marveled at the size and scope of St. Paul's Community Center, referring to it as a "Grand Cathedral."  Topi congratulated the Albanian community of Michigan on their success and hospitality, and especially thanked the United States for their steadfast support of Albania.  Mr. Topi also honored this day Mother Teresa as we continue to celebrate her 100th anniversary by asserting that, "she is a true icon of the Albanian people and a saint among all of us."

After the ceremony, the president was joined by nearly 150 invited guests for a presidential luncheon at Fortesa Restaurant in downtown Rochester.  Topi fielded questions by the guests and enjoyed several laughs as his visit winded down.

The reception of President Topi was without question a successful event by all accounts; the president and his wife were humbled by the reception they received during their first visit to Michigan. 

We welcome the president and his family to visit our great community again in the very near future! 


Anonymous said...

Si mundet Presidenti i Shqiperise te vizitoje nje njeri urrejtje-nixtes e anti-shqiptar si Anton Kcira? Si mundet ai te manipuohet kaq lehte ne kete operacion rehab imazhi te Kcires te sponsorizuar nga Bardha and Co.?


Anonymous said...

I think you would be an excellent adviser to President Topi. You should become his consultant, and also, you would make some money with your ingenious ideas! Why not?! He really needs someone like you, to tell him what places to visit, and whom to meet!

Anonymous said...

Shiqoni nese mundeni me i ndihmuar Malesis, e mos u lodhni per vizitat dhe punet e Presidentit Topit, tjetrkush merret me punet dhe vizitat e tij!

Orintimi dhe fokusimi i mergimtarve, e sidomos i Shoqates Malesia e Madhe, ka qen permisimi i gjendjes politke te shqiptarve nen Mal te Zi. Le te mbetet fokusi i juaj....gjithcka tjeter, eshte irelavante per ne nen Mal te Zi, dhe shkon ne dobi te malazezve dhe atyre qe per fat te keq, vazhdojne tu bien tupaneve te tyre.....dikush pa dije, e dikush,me dije!

Anonymous said...

You know, I get a chuckle here and there when reading post comments from this one to those in and albdreams...

First, let me say that Albanians are each other's worst enemies! Albanians will bend over backwards for anyone, except one another.

Albanians (especially Malisors) forget that the focus here is Bamir Topi, not the politics surrounding (1) Dom Antoni, (2) who was seated where, (3) who is a traitor, (3) who has money vs. who has none, etc., etc.

How pathetic are we?

Just the prospect of hosting a head of state is an honor for any community. Even Congressman Peters and Mayor Barnnet were dazzled and honored by Topi's appearance, and us Albanians seek something better (because we are better than they all are)? Please, we should be "cleansed" like Dom Antoni said because we don't know a good thing if it hits us on our empty sculls.

The fact that Topi agreed to visit St. Paul's is a remarkable achievement for us. Given the controversy surrounding Dom Antoni, he could have played it safe and said, "No Thanks!" But regardless of who "cajoled" him, he came, and he was honored by teh turnout (on a work day) and amazed by the size of the church and beauty of teh statues (in such a far away land as Michigan).

Can we just appreciate his presence in our community? Can we just be proud that our community brought this man to a city where no heads of states prior stopped to visit, give speeches, honor heroes, etc.?

As Albanians, we rarely step back and give credit to what is before our eyes because we are blinded by our vices and ill-deeds.

For me, I was proud to be Albanian that day! My president came to my home-town and THANKED me for being who I am -- ALBANIAN!

Topi and his lovely wife acknowledged ME and my fellow-Albanians. I am proud and honored!

For the rest of you that are tripping over one another to announce your dissatisfaction (even though you were not there), go to HELL!

Anonymous said...

And another thing, and its naive staff should be ashamed for publishing some of the articles/posts that they do.

Who the hell wants to read anything the incompetent Pjeter Jaku writes? His elementary journalism resembles that of a sprinter with no legs. is an amateur site that has absolutely no substance whatsoever, willing to post any garbage that desperately tries to draw attention. And those that contribute funds to their "work" must not be well-read/informed people because if that is the "news" they rely on and support, then we should not be surprised at the level of intellect of those that post comments there either.

Those kids should do something more for Malesia than just party every day and take pictures for their drunken episodes. None have a job so go figure!

What a pathetic group.

Anonymous said...

Consciously, intentionally, and consistently, the Albanian politicians that represent Malesia are making mistakes. Most of them put their self-interest before our cause, helping Montenegrin agents to suppress our people and our cause. If this obvious narrow-minded momentum continues, Malesia within a few decades will be renamed to Malesijavic!