Monday, July 26, 2010

U.S. calls on all countries to recognize Kosovo

Office of the Spokesman
July 22, 2010


Release of International Court of Justice Advisory Opinion on Kosovo’s Declaration of Independence

The International Court of Justice today issued its advisory opinion and decisively agreed with the longstanding view of the United States that Kosovo’s declaration of independence is in accordance with international law. This is the view we set forth in the briefs we submitted to the Court and in the oral proceedings that it held last December. Kosovo is an independent state and its territory is inviolable.

We call on all states to move beyond the issue of Kosovo’s status and engage constructively in support of peace and stability in the Balkans, and we call on those states that have not yet done so to recognize Kosovo.

Serbia and Kosovo are both friends and partners of the United States. Now is the time for them to put aside their differences and move forward, working together constructively to resolve practical issues and improve the lives of the people of Kosovo, Serbia, and the region. This is the path toward their future, as part of a Europe, whole, free, and at peace, and we welcome the European Union’s efforts to assist both countries in realizing their European aspirations.

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Anonymous said...

Many states who were reluctant to recognise Kosova because they were thinking that our independence is in contradiction with international law can now rethink their position

Anonymous said...

This lady is such a cunt, but at least shes behind Kosovas independence.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we need a flock of nations comin forwaed and recognizing independence od Kosova.

Anonymous said...

SARAJEVO, July 27 (KUNA) --

Serbian President Boris Tadic announced on Tuesday a change in his country's policy towards Kosovo's independence.

Serbia is left with one option and that is a political settlement with Kosovo, to avoid clashing with international powers, Tadic said in a speech aired by Serbian TV.

Maintaining the identity of Serbs residing in Kosovo and preserving their civil and political rights in an environment free of violence and tension is a priority, he said.

The fact that Serbia will take part in negotiations with Kosovo does not mean that Serbia is acknowledging Kosovo's independence, he said.

He added that it meant that it is dealing with the matter based on current developments, especially after the International Court of Justice overruling Serbia's appeal regarding Kosovo's independence.

Anonymous said...

I like what you guys are doing as far as keeping us informed on current issues in the balkans: mainly Malsia but I think it should be more geared towards a personal opinion blog from the creator and also a political forum for everyone elses viewpoint as well. we need to find solutions and ideas to these problems facing malesia such as our cultural and the lingual genicide of our people. posting an opinion after reading an article is okay too: but it doesnt solve anything.

I hope i dont come off as being rude or anything, i just want to be real with the readers and reach out to the patriots and other compationate people on this blog/\

the "luigj gjokajs" and the "rrok dedvukajs" of this movement not only are corrupted from the old communist yugoslavia, but they are on their way out within the next 15-20 years. we need albanian- american youth that are uncorrupted by the serbofile propaganda and being of pure nationalistic idealogies. what i mean by nationalistic is the overall improvent/ identity of the albanian people. just a thought. what do you all think?

waiting patiently,
the patriot

Anonymous said...

I agree, why not give some peer reviews on an analysis or two from the webmaster?

Anonymous said...

We need to have more young Albanians -preferably college graduate- that have intellectually abilities to lobby for the Albanian rights in Montenegro. We no longer can depend or expect from the old generation to advance our cause through the American and European institutions. Only the Albanian youth educated throughout the western world, have proper scholastic tools to effectively and resourcefully assist Albanian in Montenegro with the advancement of their civil and political rights. This process of consolidation and deep-rooted organizational structure has already begun, and it will grow! We just need some more time and patient.

Anonymous said...

This article published on freemalesia doesn’t disturb me a lot, even though it does not flow with the freemalesia’s plea. What really disturbs me, is the people of Malesia. Just came back from Malesia, and they don’t understand that silence never won rights. Malesort, in these disturbing and distressing times, seeing Malesia changing its demography do nothing… and, yes, surely it's for some Malsore cheaper and “smarter” to make friends out of potential enemies than it is to defend themselves against them! I think us here, and malesort there, don't have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by hundreds of people, can transform Malesia. I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything I will do something to help my fatherland!

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