Sunday, May 23, 2010

DPS Coalition Victorious in Malesia! Albanian Coalition left Scrambling for Answers

Sunday May 23, 2010

TUZ, Malesia -- The fate of Malesia's political future has been sealed for the next four years with a shocking election result leaving Albanians reeling for answers. Preliminary results show a sweeping victory for the DPS/DUA/BP coalition throughout Montenegro, including the much fought after Malesia/Tuz region. Meanwhile, the Albanian coalition of Sinishtaj, Gjergj and Nikolle Camaj, and Cunmulaj were given a blow to their united front in efforts to unite the Albanian vote and prevent non-Albanian parties from forming a political structure in Malesia.

The winning coalition won the eleven seats needed for majority rule in the Malesia urban municipality while the opposition earned seven. The Malesia coalition included Citizen Initiative (Vasel Sinishtaj), the Democratic League (Nikola Camaj), and Albanian Alternative (George Camaj).

Others winning seats in the council included the "List for Tuz" Muhammad Gjokaj, "SDP" Kole Lulgjuraj, and "SDP", Musa Pepic.

There are 9,050 registered adult voters in the Malesia district, where 5,524 cast their votes Sunday, equaling a dismal 61% of the electorate. The breakdown of the votes are as follows:

The coalition "For European Tuzi" - 2733 votes (49.5%)
"Coalition for Malesia" - 1813 votes (32.8%)
Musa Pepic - 370 votes (6.7%)
Kole Lulgjuraj - 323 votes (5.8%)
Muhammad Gjokaj - 309 votes (5.6%)

The results usher in new leadership in Malesia'a already fragile urban municipality that will see new faces take the reins and lead Malesia down a path carefully designed by Podgorica.

The DPS strategy seemed to be clear enough: Recruit Albanians from the Malesia region that would collect the required votes to push ahead. One clear choice was Rrok Gjolaj, an intellectual from Ksheva that alone generated the necessary votes to bring in the majority and lead the DPS/DUA/BP coalition to a clear majority.

As the final results will be announced in the coming days, one clear picture has been developed: For the first time in recent memory, Albanians in Malesia will not have their fate in their own hands. As such, Malesia's future now rests in the mercy of a Slavic political agenda that promises to shape a Malesia in a form that befits Podgorica, hindering freedom of political, social, and economic development the way in which Albanians would desire.


Anonymous said...

the opposition has accused the government of making voters afraid that they will lose their jobs if they don't vote for the ruling coalition

Anonymous said...

Montenegrins continue to vote for a corrupt government led by a Prime Minister who has been in charge for the past 20 years!!

Wake up people, can't you see there is no democracy in Montenegro! Just cronies from the old Yugoslav guard running your social, political,, and economic affairs, and the lives of your children too!

God save Montenegro from these hoodlums!

Anonymous said...

Only 1,813 Albanains in Malesia voted for " Albanian coalition." Are they normal?

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that Slavic Language will dominate in Malesia?

Anonymous said...

For the first time in Montenegro, the elections will not be monitored by international observers or non-governmental organizations. Could this be the reason the Albanians lost?

Malesia is finished.

Anonymous said...

O Malesi! Kuku chka ju ka gjet ...

Kuku per liderat qe i keni ...

Kuku per familjen juve ...

Kuku per gjeneraten e re ...

Anonymous said...

SHAME! SHAME on Malёsia, but particularly SHAME on the Albanian political coalition that forced this result onto Malёsia.

There MUST be a call for these Albanians to RESIGN from their political positions in the council. There MUST be a united front from the young generation to push this self-interested scum out of Albanians politics in Malёsia or risk ruining the future of Albanians throughout Montenegro. I blame the results on these unqualified peasants that failed to campaign the proper way, to explain to Malёsia the end game of Djukanovic, which includes Slavic integration and Albanians disintegration.

Listen up Malёsia: You will have your municipality, especially now that Milo’s puppets have been carefully put into place. Enjoy the likes of the incompetencies of Nikolle Gegaj, et al. He and other Slav “wanna-be’s” will wreak havoc in your own backyards. The Slavic agenda will be advanced and only then will there be a municipality, but one that will strengthen the grip of the DPS in this once proud Albanian region.

SHAME on all of you!!

Vasel Sinishtaj MUST LEAVE! Nikolle Camaj is a Slav under the Albanian guise of only his name. Gjergj Camaj is wasting the environmental air he breathes, and Maliqi is a sorry waste of space only in position because he is Muslim. Where are the competent ones? Where is the future? Where will Malёsia be in four years? Where will your children be the years following that?

SHAME on all of you!!

Anonymous said...

Milo Djukanovic's bloc won 12 out of 14 municipalities in the Sunday vote of the European Union applicant country, the election commission said on the basis of an incomplete vote count. Final results are expected later this month, it said.

Djukanovic has dominated politics in the least populated country in the Balkans for the past two decades, and led the country to independence from Serbia in 2006.

Opposition parties, many favoring closer ties with neighboring Serbia, have accused Djukanovic and his allies of failing to combat organized crime and to boost the economy during the economic downturn.

Djukanovic's allies won 28 seats in the 57-strong assembly of the capital Podgorica, home to a third of the population of 700,000-strong population, but not enough to govern alone.

The 12-party strong opposition alliance For the Better Montenegro, won two municipalities and 24 seats in Podgorica's assembly.

The economy of Montenegro, which is driven mainly by the tourism and real estate sectors, dropped sharply in the past two years due to the global financial downturn and after investors pulled out from emerging markets.

Anonymous said...

The DPS won 7/14 municipalities, in five others, it must form a coalition.

Besides in Podgorica, it needs an alliance with the SDP in Ulcinj and Andrijevica; and with small ethnic Albanian parties and civic groups in Plav and Kolasin.

The anti-DPS opposition only managed to pull off victories in Pljevlja and Pluzine. It still retains a majority in Golubovci, a part of Podgorica with its own municipal assembly.

Opposition leaders, meanwhile, are refusing to recognise the results in Podgorica due to what they claim are "a significant number of complaints" about the voting process.

They say numerous irregularities took place, with voters being shuttled among polling stations, and the possible tampering of voters' lists.

Anonymous said...

Yes, shame on all of those Albanians that casted their votes for non-albanian politcal parties! Our ancestors fought and died for Malesia, and today some trators vote freely for them!Hand Malesia to Montenegrins... It's sickening!

Guri said...

Pershendetje nga Malesia slave! Mbrame ne qender te Tuzit, rasishte kalova me nanen neper Tuz. Muzike malazeze e serbe, si me qen ne Pogorice apo Cetije. Nani ime eshte 80 vjecare, dhe me pyeti se cka jane kta shkije tue ba. Une i tregova se jan tue me celebrua fitesen e votave ne Tuz. Nan me tha: " e biro si ka ardh koha, baba im e gjyshi yte tue luftue neper keto male te shkreta, pa buke e uj, vetem me ruej gjuhen e komin tone, e tash ja japim votem me deshiren ton....e si paska ardhe koha."
Message for all of you in Diaspora: please ask your parents how they feel about this election in Tuz? Also, dont send any more $$$$ to us, Gjukanovic will give everything we need!

Unknown said...

"E biro si ka ardh koha, baba im e gjyshi yte tue luftue neper keto male te shkreta, pa buke e uj, vetem me ruej gjuhen e komin tone, e tash ja japim votem me deshiren ton....e si paska ardhe koha"

This should be the battle cry for Malesors. For Malesors, the descendants of Dede Gjon Luli, for Malesors, men and women of pride and honor. For Malesors, who have fought for centuries to preserve our history, our culture, our identity.

So, I urge those Malesors who have the capacity to do something in the political arena of Montenegro and abroad, do something. We need reform, we need new faces/ideas, a new approach to answer this elder's question and show her 'si paska ardhe koha'. Se ka ardh koha to do something for Malesia, to honor our descendants century long fight against assimilation and to work for the betterment of the social, economic and political status of Albanians in Montenegro.


Anonymous said...

They did stand up ... and voted for the party that best serves their interest -- DPS/UDSH

YOu must realize that this is not just a Malesia issue, the results are teh same accross Montenegro, including the heavily populated Albanian town of Ulcinj. You see the same in Rozaj, Plave, Gusij, Tivar, and on and on ...


Why did Albanians vote DPS/UDSH across the board? I would understand if teh votes were grossly inflated for the DPS in only one Albanian region, but this is everywhere.

YOur cry should not be save Malesia, but save Albanians in Montenegro altogether.

But here is the spin .. save them from what? Albanians in Montenegro do not see a threat to their livelihood like you all are crying ... they voted, their message simple: We support DPS/UDSH as the best party to meet our demands, regardless of all the nationalistic propoganda from Tuzi and elsewhere!

Wake up! Malesia voted and they got what they wanted, by a landslide. No reason to cry.

Anonymous said...

You know, this looks bad in the eyes of those western institutions as the Diaspora has petitioned for a municipality of Tuzi, citing Podgorica's refusal to grant it. Along these same lines, the Diaspora has argued that Montenegro is discriminating Albanians and not affording them equal representation in emplyment, academia, etc.

What message do these election results send to those same institutions? CONFUSION?

I mean look at it this way: Carl Levin, Sander Levin, and Gary Peters all drafted a support letter for the Albanians in Malesia, urging the State Dept to act on the continued discrimination.

Now, fast-forward to May 23, 2010: Albanian reward Podgorica by voting for DPS/UDSHA.

It just doesn't make any sense!

Anonymous said...

what about Mayor Brian Barnett of Rochester Hills?

Rochester Hills and Tuzi are sister-cities. You would think that he would have petitioned Podgorica to decentralize and allow Tuzi to be its own municipality. This indeed would allow for a better partnership between the two cities.

He has been very quiet since he returned from Malesia in 2008.

Did he do anything to support Diaspora's drive for municipal recognition? I have read all the press releases and support letters from Congress, including the Mayor's website, but nothing.

Is he still Mayor? Does he care anymore? Or did Mugosha buy him off like he did Nikolle Camaj and the others ...?


Anonymous said...

Lol, funny!

He's probably on tour with his wife promoting her singing career.

That's more important than Malesia ... lol

Unknown said...

First- in response to the calls for Mayor Barnett to 'petition Podgorica to grant full municipality status to Malesia', I'm sure we'd all appreciate him standing at the forefront of our efforts, but it isn't realistic and nor is it necessary. Barnett went above and beyond anyones expectations with this sister-city partnership. First, he hosted Cunmulaj and Camaj for a lengthy visit to Rochester Hills, where they were trained on how to run a successful local government. Second, his efforts led to Rochester College granting a full ride four-year scholarship to a graduate of 25 Maj (or whatever that shackle of a high school is named in Tuz). Third, he collected over 100k worth of sport and school materials to be distributed to students in Malesia. Now, of course we'd like all the help we can get on Malesia's push for a full municipality, but there is not much Barnett can do. He is not an IR expert, nor is he an expert on granting minorities self-governing institutions.

Now, it is easy to believe that Malesors voted for the party that best served their interests this last election. But, don't be blinded by these results. Let us not forget that 4 years ago, on the eve of parliamentary elections over 18 Albanian men were rounded up by paramilitary forces in Malesi. Coincidence or not?

Prosecutors presented some pretty hefty evidence against these men, and I'm not arguing that... nor do I know much facts of the case. But what I can argue is that it is no coincidence that Djukanovic and Co. were feeling the fire that was being lit under their ass the week before the 06 elections. ALbanians were parading the streets of Tuz, waving Albanian flags and chanting pro-Albanian slogans... what was Djukanovic's answer? Round up 20 men, release half of them and charge the rest with terrorism.

You think this didn't effect voter's mindsets this year? Why vote against a government that is going to stick your fellow community members in jail for going against their agenda? I can imagine that this ran through the minds of many Malesors as they cast their vote this past weekend...

Just some food for thought... and also,my laptop is nearly dead so I dont have time to mention the promised full-municipality after the successful referendum that the Albanians of Malesia secured.

Anonymous said...

Bla bla bla bla bla ....... dear mr barnett, all the previous blogger said is that you shoulve wrote an elementary letter saying you support a REAL city of tuzi, not a puppet infrastructure controlled by mugi. You don't have to be an "IR" expert (whatever that means) to write a support letter.

blablablablabla blalalalalalalalalaal

Tom said...

You mean to tell me that citizens in a particular area voted for the party they hoped would win? How dare they!

Seriously, though. It's obvious that citizens in Malesia are growing tired of nationalistic rhetoric that's spewed incessantly by the loud mouthed minority.

By the way, I think you all should stop pretending like you know what's best for the people in that country. It's much easier for you to criticize their votes sitting on your couches thousands of miles away, but the people who voted have their own opinions about how they want their country run.

In response to Alban's comment about the fear of a government crackdown entering the mindset of the voters, why even bother voting if that were the case?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Tomislav, I can reassure that your pro-Slavic views have not been missed.

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem for our people back home is not the Montengrin Government but us overhere who create problems and hate where there is none. i walk throught the streets of Ulqin and Tuz no one stops me from speaking albanian or any language that I want.We can complain as much as we want overhere in Ny Detroit etc. but we are not making anything better for our kin back home. Compared to the other balkan nations with albanian minorities Montenegro is the most accepting. Lets not forget who housed thousands of refugees from Kosov against the will of Serbia. We live and enjoy many freedoms in Montenegro constant bickering and egging on our families back home while we sit here and pretend to know whats going on from another country while sitting on a couch in front of a laptop or computer. this kind of thinking and bickering and false brainwashing will only cause things to eventually bite us in the rear! If some of you feel so strongly about the results of election get ur asses up get on a plane and make yourselves heard OVERTHERE.