Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kosova, Macedonia settle border dispute, Montenegro remains unresolved

Pristina/Skopje - The parliaments of Kosova and Macedonia have ratified a border agreement, ending a long dispute over the volatile region and established diplomatic ties, media reports said Sunday. Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki and his Kosova counterpart Skender Hiseni signed Sunday afternoon in Skopje an agreement on establishing diplomatic ties, the Macedonian' ministry said in a statement.

Kosova ratified the agreement on Saturday with 81 out of 120 members of parliament backing the deal. Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and President Fatmir Sejdiu welcomed the ratification saying "it creates stability, safety and opens the path for European integration for Kosova."

Macedonia ratified the agreement late Saturday after a long dispute, with the opposition threatening to take the deal to the Supreme Court. In the 120-member parliament, 72 were for and 11 against the motion.

Albanians make up a third of Macedonian population and have very close contacts with their compatriots in Kosova where they are in the majority.

The border between Kosova and Macedonia was agreed in 2001 when Kosova was still part of Serbia. The region was used by Albanian extremists during Macedonia's insurgency in 2001 and is now populated by Albanians.

In neighboring Montenegro, where Albanians make up approximately 7% of the population, the two countries have yet to conclude a similar border deal. According to one Albanian political representative in Tuzi, borders will have to consider the demarcation line along the region of Plavё and Gusine. Similar to Macedonia, Montenegrin Albanians have demanded that the territories of Ulqin, Malёsia e Madhe, and Plavё and Gusine be recognized as belonging to Kosova and Albania-proper, a demand that has drawn strong accusations of a Greater Albania. Regardless of the rhetoric, between the two sides, the south-east Montenegro-Kosova border will like draw a great deal of attention in the coming months.

Kosova declared independence from Serbia in February 2008, after years of international supervision. It is recognized as independent by more than 60 countries, including Macedonia, the majority of European Union members and the United States.


Anonymous said...

Let us pray ...

... that Malesia mbi Shkodret, Ulqini, and Plave/Gusine are integrated with Albania ...

... and bow your heads as we also pray that ...

... Kosova, Albania, and Presheva unite and create the most beautiful puzzle in the whole-wide-world!


Anonymous said...

Back to what they were once before.......


Anonymous said...

There should be no confusion:

Plave / Gusij goes to Kosova

Malesia, Tivari and Ulqini goes to Albania

case closed!