Saturday, September 05, 2009

Albanian schoolchildren boycott classes in Veles High School

Veles, Macedonia -- Albanian schoolchildren boycotted classes at the "Koco Racin" High School in the town of Veles, Macedonian, A1 television reports.

Parents did not allow their kids to go to school because this year again there will be no school masters to teach in Albanian. The parents are dissatisfied and concerned that this year their kids will have to study their lessons in Macedonian again.

Last year there were only three free-lance teachers in Albanian. Albanian teachers hired in other schools, on the other hand, have not received their salaries and no longer wish to work in the Koco Racin School.


Anonymous said...

This is how demands are met, RESIST TO THE ASSIMILATION!

Anonymous said...

you know this may be a blessing in blessing in disguise.... why not try home schooling? public school's stink anyway... i know in western europe they allow home schooling and have programs and such... but im not sure in that part of the world

Anonymous said...

They need to stay in public schools; home schooling in that part of the world is not a good educational solution. Albanian students need to attend public schools or private schools. Home schooling is a new concept that many European and American families are struggling to keep it up with the school subjects that require labs.

Anonymous said...

well albanians living in ex-yugoslavia have to think outside the box and work outside the system and at the same time within the system... europe excepts home schooling.. you have to build a system within a system... a definant system..we have to build ..defiant disobedience.. this is the only way.. its healthy and more peaceful.. we have to say ...we will march on without your help and we dont want your help! .. we will help ourselves.. this should go even AS FAr as economics.. buy from albanians and build support! buy only from only a albanian.. any business ... talk with owners talk with the community! build within and they will come ! peaceful defiant disobedience is the only way... problem is we have to sell this to our own people... i can go further just as for suggestions!