Friday, August 07, 2009

Podgorica Mayor Assaults Reporter

Podgorica Mayor Miomir Mugosa assaulted a newspaper editor and his photographer while they were working on a story on Wednesday night, Beta news agency reports.

The incident occurred when Mugosa caught reporters from daily Vijesti taking pictures of his car,Tanjug reports.

Mihailo Jovovic, the deputy editor of the daily, and photographer Boris Pejovic allege that they were beaten by the mayor, his son and his driver while working on a story about the mayor's car being parked illegally in front of a cafe.

The Montenegrin State Prosecutor's Office has filed criminal charges against the mayor's son, Miljan Mugosa, and Jovovic.Vijesti announced on Friday that it would file criminal charges against both Mugosas and the driver. The reporters also claim that Mugosa's son drew a gun during the fight.

Website reports that the mayor denies the accusations, saying he was attacked by people who had been "following him for days and hiding in bushes and doorways".

Montenegrin Interior Minister Ivan Brajovic issued a statement on the incident that did not directly discuss the counter-claims, sufficing with: "everybody is equal before the law".


Anonymous said...

What an embarrasement. This is freedom of the press in Montenegro, you get beaten up if you investigate officials.

Why do you think Dukanovic is free from prosection?

Anonymous said...

This episode exemplifies the corruption in Montenegro. Mugosha and Gjukanovic, think that they own Montenegro. I feel sorry for the ethnic Albanians that have to deal with these individuals!

Anonymous said...

Montenegrin politicians are ABOVE THE LAW, haven't you learned anything?

Let's see what the police do about this, or better yet, let's see how independent the judiciary is.

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