Monday, December 29, 2008

Montenegro spring elections a possibility


PODGORICA, Montenegro -- Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic did not rule out the possibility of holding early parliamentary elections this spring. "Some developments are signaling that we should perhaps consider early elections," he told IN TV on Saturday (December 27th). This would allow "the government to dedicate itself to its obligations in Montenegro's EU integration process and to overcoming the consequences of the global economic crisis", Djukanovic explained. The current government's mandate expires in 2010, but a 2007 agreement set late 2009 as the date for the next elections.

(Beta, B92 - 28/12/08; IN TV, Makfax - 27/12/08)


Anonymous said...

These (potential) elections should be exploited as much as possible, to heighten/alert the electorate on teh continued abuses of power exercised by the DPS.

Theor hold on political power is the tru monopoly in Montenegro, and until Dukanovic and his cronies are toppled, much of the same will continue to exist in Montenegro.

The real losers in Montenegro are the citizens, be that they are Slavs, Albanian, Muslims, Roma, or Turks ... they are all losers because they possess no power (or back-bone) to usher in a more progressive party for and by teh people!

Anonymous said...

Cronies is right; and I can't believe that someone like Amb. Rod Moore would acknowledge their legitimacy and their absurd hold on power.

America's State Dept should have more dignity than that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but these so-called "cronies" are those that Albanians continue to vote for, especially those in Ulqini.

Just drive through Ulqin, you will see "DPS" grafiti all over the place. And in Malesia (the supossed patriotic region), the DPS office is right smack in the middle of Tuzi, and "DPS" is also spray-painted everywhere.

Now imagine if a Serbian party had their name painted all over Prishtina. It just would not happen.

Until that mentality is changed, Alb in Mont will remain dormant, regardless of any elections or cronies.