Sunday, November 30, 2008

Albanians in Serbia rally for more rights


BELGRADE, Serbia -- An estimated 6,000 Albanians rallied in the streets of Presevo, southern Serbia, on Friday (November 28th). Waving flags, they demanded more rights for Albanians living in Serbia. Albanian flags were also seen at the town's city hall. Protestors said they want Serbian authorities to let them use the Albanian national flag in local government. They also insist that an Albanian-language university should open in Presevo and they called for the demilitarisation of the Presevo valley, which borders Kosovo. The demonstration, organised by NGOs on the occasion of Albanian Flag Day, ended peacefully.

(AFP, FoNet, Radio Beograd - 29/11/08)

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Anonymous said...

Boy, this sounds so familiar! Is this not how the Kosovo crisis started, less the violence (for now)?

Also, Albanians in the Malesia region of Montenegro have also propogated such attention.