Monday, April 28, 2008

Montenegro Jails More Albanians

The following article published by BIRN fails to identify the nationality of those arrested, but by strong accounts abroad, the majority of these drivers are believed to be Albanian nationals. One thing to keep in mind here is the obstacle placed on these employees, such that are designed to unfairly limit the opportunity of fair and equal employment.

Montenegro Jails 'Fake Diploma' Drivers
28 April 2008 Podgorica _ Thirty Montenegrin taxi drivers are to be jailed for forging high school diplomas in order to keep their jobs.

The verdict passed by Montenegro’s High Court is final and the accused have no right to appeal, local media reported.

They will spend one month behind bars.

The taxi drivers from the Montenegro’s coastal resort of Ulcinj said they had little option but to forge their school certificates six years ago since “the government decision" that they had to have a high school diploma for driving taxis "was absurd.”

“We were given six months to obtain documents which legally would not have been gained without at least a year of studying,” a driver told Podgorica daily Vijesti when news of the case first emerged.

Therefore, in order to continue work and to support their families, the 30 men decided to falsify their diplomas, the daily said.

It was not immediately clear what will they do after serving the sentence.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand the outrage here. You have no proof that most of these cab drivers are Albanian, and are using this story to somehow suggest that the Montenegrin government is rounding up Albanians en masse.

They forged HS diplomas, which is fraud. Why is this such a shocker?

Anonymous said...

There is no outrage, just simple reporting of what is taking place beneath your understanding.

PROOF? Yes, there is proof. If you access the Obudsmans office in Ulcin and request the names of the arrested taxi drivers, 90% of them are Albanians.

This is no fabricated story, look it up yourself if you are in such denial.

Anonymous said...

Yes, ... true, most of these arrested drivers were in fact Albanian.

Who the hell is this person questioning this? I thought Ferri was campaigning against Albanians somewhere ...... ?

Anonymous said...

90% of the taxi drivers arrested in Ulqin were Albanian? Hmm...could that be because 90% of taxi drivers in Ulqin in GENERAL are Albanian?!

Without context this is just PROPAGANDA! (And bad propaganda at that!)

Anonymous said...

Actually 85% but I will accept your inflation.

Nonetheless, the arrests are legitimate, regardless of teh population of this region. Arrests are arests, they were made, and Albanians are the victims (again). Re-read the aforementioned article and you will find that these "fake" diplomas are a construction of teh state, that creates obstacles for these drivers to attain legitimate licenses.

Show some gray matter in your reasoning, not just black-n-white.