Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better man ~ Benjamin Franklin

AS THE CLOCK STRIKES TWELVE, we wish you all the happiest of New Years', filled with bountiful health, joyous and prosperous comings, and plentiful smiles and laughter with family and friends.

We also wish upon thee self-determintaion, where Albanians throughout the Illyrian Kingdom of Skenderbeg will rule themselves. As 2008 will usher in the independence of KOSOVA, we also pray for the recognition of self-rule for its other constituent parts -- TETOVA, CHAMERIA, MALESIA, ULQINI, PLAVE/GUSIJ, PRESHEVA & BUJANOVAC

And to all you Slavic sympathizers -- in the USA and abroad -- whether you operate covertly or under the guise of (Albanian) organizations, your time to retract your ill-deeds has has arrived. Your financial and personal gains at the expense of Albanian blood and feud will surely be front-n-center in 2008, it was just a matter of time.

A NEW YEARS' WISH FOR MALESIA -- It is important that the political leadership in Montenegro realize that in no other time in its modern history has the Albanian Question surfaced as it has today, with the continuing demands of greater human/minority rights, the confiscation of (home)land, the denial of administrative/professional employment, lack of academic freedom, linguistic proliferation in the mother-tongue, and government independence that has led to the most lopsided judicial proceedings in recent memory. As a result, unless these issues are resolved, or plans to resurrect the shortcomings in the human element of the Albanian, 2008 may prove to be quite a year to remember -- one that resonated the birth of the Kosova conflict at the conclusion of the 1990s.

AND TO OUR ALBANIAN LEADERS -- may you crawl out of your shells and open your near-sighted lenses to witness the catastrophe taking place in what you cry to be a HOME-LAND. Our fallen fathers are grimacing in their graves and shedding tears liquefied with blood that what they left behind to complete, has reversed its course and thus all their "efforts" were shed for NOT ... NOT for what they dreamt to be, but what was strategically planned to become by the Slavic nemeses. Represent your constituents with honor and not by fear, for the time may come when our offspring will speak of a homeland that once was, but is no more!

And we leave you with a reminder that is applicable to ALL ALBANIANS under the rule of SLAVS. This is a snapshot of you -- as Albanian -- whether in Kosova, Malesia, or Manhattan -- are perceived by those you wish to live alongside.

Kosovaret rrëfejnë për përdhunimet e kryera nga serbët (WARNING: DISTURBING)


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Anonymous said...

Urime, gezuar vitin e ri, me shum mot e me zemer t'mire te gjith Shqiptare ku do qe jane!!!!

Anonymous said...

...dhe is shalla u bahen trojet tone si harta ne ket post!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year all!

We all will be one year closer to graduation, while some will be graduating soon/this year.

As for the politics -- its never ending, but one thing is for sure: KOSOVA WILL GET HER INDEPENDENCE!!!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, quite a wish.

What about the Albanian prisoners in Montenegro?

Any wishes for them?

How about that they "thank" everyone in Malesia and Ulqin for abandoning them?!?

Yes, those heartless Albanians that did not even stage one rally on their behalf in lieu of their illegal detention and abusive torture?

The forgotten?

But we did learn something in 2007 that was also evident years prior -- that Albanians in Montenegro are complacent with their status in Montenegro, because if they were not, then they would be more aggressive in taking what is rightfully theirs' according to human nature and international laws.

But who are we kidding?

Happy New Year!

VIVA KOSOVA!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That was a very disturbing video. This is a reminder that we are hated and not treated as human beings in opur very own homelands

Anonymous said...

So what's new peoples????

Anonymous said...

WOW -- now that's not a nationalistic new year's wish ...