Saturday, April 28, 2007

Montenegrin Parliament extends public debate on proposed constitution

April 26, 2007

PODGORICA, Montenegro -- Parliament voted unanimously on Wednesday (April 25th) to extend public debate on the new draft constitution, from May 4th to May 28th. The decision was in response to separate requests from NGOs who say further discussion would contribute to the quality of the document. Two ethnic Albanian lawmakers are also proposing that the bill be released in the Albanian language also.

Separately, a delegation from the Venice Commission, the Council of Europe's advisory arm for legal matters, visited Podgorica on Wednesday. Meeting with Prime Minister Zeljko Sturanovic, Commission Deputy Secretary Tomas Markert reiterated that the panel is willing to provide any assistance necessary regarding the new constitution.


Anonymous said...

its ridiculous!!

Anonymous said...

Vaseli, Bardhi and Dinosha should stop wasting their time about the Albanian version of teh constitution and worry about what is in the constitution. I can translate the damn constitution into Albanian for them.

If significant rights for Albanians are not mentioned in the constitution then our (elected) leaders have failed and someone should assassinate all three of them!

Anonymous said...

Woah! Assassination? Do they even deserve to be assassinated? When I think of that I think of Martin Luther King, Jr., JFK, RFK and the like.

How about someone just kidnap all three of them, dress them up as Al Qaeda and drop them off in front of the White House? Then we will see how far they get.