Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Annual Report of the Ministry of Finance for 2006


Conference Organizer said...

Pay particular attention to p.50 -- expenditures in Local-Self Government.

Then think about Tuz.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the budget for the conditional-municipality of Tuz?

Anonymous said...

There is an article under highlighting the budget plan for the fiscal year.

Anonymous said...

One more info: the annual budget for the Capital City of Podgorica in 2007 is 42,330,660.00 €. ("Urban Municipality of Tuz" is financed from this budget.)

Unknown said...

Why would Ethnic Albania have no hope without Lekaj's?

Anonymous said...

What's the proportional distribntion to Tuz? Of that, how much is generated from Tuz through local taxation? How much of that is maintained fo the municipality itself and how much is submitted to Podgorica for its cut?

I believe this information is made available somewhere I just don't know where.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the 2006 Annual Report provide this information? I haven't read it yet but I am assuming that it explicitly states tis.

Anonymous said...

Here are a few articles from the Statutary Decision of Tuz Municipality, that should answer the question:


Article 15
The funds for financing Urban Municipalities shall be provided from the budget of the Capital City and shall be subject to the type, scope and complexity of affairs, number of residents of the Urban Municipality in proportion to the total number of population in the Capital City, and to the total funds available to the Capital City.

In order to fulfill financial needs of the Urban Municipality, the funds may be collected based on direct approval by its residents, in line with the law.

Article 16
For completing the tasks and duties established by this Decision, the funds for the Urban Municipality shall be provided from:
 the Budget of the Capital City,
 revenues assigned by the Capital City,
 voluntary local taxes,
 donations and grants,
 other sources, in line with the law.

Article 17
Urban Municipality shall be entitled to the portion of Budget of the Capital City, in proportion to the total number of population in the Capital City.

Urban Municipality shall also be entitled to 50% of the revenues gathered by the Capital City within the territory of the Urban Municipality, as follows:
 real property taxes,
 concession fees that are paid to the Capital City for use of natural resources,
 local communal taxes.

Besides the funds referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 above, Urban Municipality shall be entitled to the funds collected from administrative dues that are paid for documents issued by and procedures conducted before the Urban Municipality local self-government authorities.

P.S. 2006 report cannot answer this because the Urban Municipality was establshed only in 2006, and the first financial plan is for the year 2007.

Anonymous said...

thanks a million ... i will look it over.